Time to Cook

I use to go in the morning spring out in the paddock next door collecting dandelions. My grand mother asking me only to pick the leaves. Love it because I loved to suck on the flowers and eat them.

Another weed I had to collect and I hated it, was the nettle, Imagine me at 5 or 6 years old going through these big prickly monsters!

I remember each time to ask them to be nice to my little legs. I had gloves but often in a skirt.

I had a malignant pleasure devouring them in my plate with the last of the old spuds, the green velvety creamy stew escaping from the corner of my mouth while I was looking at my spotty stinging legs.

Well it did not stop me to continue this spring rituals so here are the first two green healthy recipe for you with free wonderful weeds.



2 handfuls of dandelion leaves (young one)

4 to 5 medium spuds, 1 medium onion

4 slices of bacon of more if you are rich

a bit of oil

1/2 cup white vinegar.

While your spuds are cooking, heat a frying pan with oil, toss diced bacon till brown, reserve (take out of the pan) cook the sliced onion till soft but not brown.

Add the bacon. Add vinegar. salt pepper.

In a big bowl, put hot potatoes, dandelion leaves then pour boiling liquid mix on top. Toss all ingredients together.


nettles, 50gm butter, 100ml cream, 3 cloves garlic, 1 tsp.salt, pepper.

collect a shopping bag of nettles (young ones), use gloves lol

strip then, only keep the leaves, wash.

put in a medium pot with when melted add salt, pepper, crushed garlic and cream, reduce, Puree it, either with a mash potato or with a fork. ( I find the blender too harsh on the delicate leaves).

NB: You can also make a stew with the same recipe just add potatoe and 500gm of mince (pan fry the mince and potatoe before adding a bit of waterand nettle)

Bon appetit!

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